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Solo Female Nomad

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Sadly, my relationship with George didn't work out. We have gone our separate ways.

So, I've made plans to continue my journey on my own. I'm still at the state park, doing 20 hours per week for my campsite.

Now I am also working for Instacart, delivering groceries around the city. It's a nice part time job that allows me to earn some money on my own schedule. In September, I will head to North Dakota for the Sugar Beet Harvest. You can learn more about that at . Also, there are videos on YouTube from people who have worked at the harvest. They hire lots of nomads to help with the harvest, and apparently it pays quite well. Many people return year after year to work the month of October, and live the rest of the year on those earnings. In any case, it's long hours and cold weather conditions, but worth the effort. I will try it for the first time this year, and decide for myself if it's worth returning next year. It can't be harder than being in the Army, right?

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