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New Friends

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting some new friends. I had seen some local Skoolie campers on Instagram. I liked what they were doing to their bus, and I messaged to say hello. They invited me to come for a visit. They had several other Skoolie owners and Vanlifers congregating at their house. What a bunch of terrific people! Its been a very long time since I've seen a true community come together like this. Everyone was welcoming. When it was time for dinner, they all pulled together and chipped in. Some shared food, some pitched in money for food and drink.

It reminded me of when I was a child. When someone new moved into the neighborhood, you brought a plate of cookies or brownies to welcome them. I feel this is something that society has lost. People don't seem to smile and wave anymore. How many even know their neighbors?

I feel blessed and honored to have met these folks. I have not felt lonely since meeting them. I know I have someone to talk to, and will help me if needed. They also know I would help them in any way I could. If you would like to follow them on Instagram and Youtube, @Vagabond_Touring, @TheBohemianNomads, @BackRoadBuslife, @Designosaur, @Bare.Bus, @MorgannDemski.

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